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Lemons n All Challenge

Lemons n All is our first global challenge which started on Sunday 20th March 2016

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THe Challenge...

L: buy a LEMON
E: EXPERIMENT do something with the lemon

you could bake a lemon cake, create a piece of art, draw faces on them and make puppets, clean with them,  juggle them...etc
M: MAKE a positive change to your own life

this is completely unique to you, for example start volunteering somewhere, spend more time with family and friends, cycle or walk to work on sunny days
O: say OooooSh ... Just like Keith Lemon

N: NOMINATE 3 people

S: SHARE on social media

‪We would like as many people as possible to take part, creating positive changes throughout the world. We are also asking you to nominate Keith Lemon as one of your 3 people in hope that he will get involved


The story behind Lemons n All.....

Driving home one day, founder El Jones came up with the idea to do a challenge that everyone could get involved in. It was around the time that the Ice bucket challenge was going on and she says she knew something with a similar concept would work. The reason she thought of lemons was all down to Keith Lemon. David, whom The charity is in memory of absolutely loved his sketch shows. On David's memorial card were the words 'He was proper Bo I tell thé' after Bo Selecta Xx


Why the 20th of March?

This has always been a significant day to El. Throughout  her life things have always seemed to happen on this day, both happy and sad. In 1993 it was the day that the IRA bombed Warrington town centre, home of C&D Where the music takes you. It has also marked days of celebration, the birthday of a dear friend and happy moments she'll never forget Xx

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