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Our Purpose


Our purpose is to ensure that children and young adults are given opportunities to take

part in music, no matter what circumstance they are in.

Why Music?


El Jones - Why Music?

We have experienced first hand the dramatic change in children & young adults that can be achieved through Music and Art. Out of respect to the privacy of the people we help we do not share any of our case studies. 


If you do want further information of the wonderful benefits of Music and Art please follow these links:


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We travel to under privileged countries to set up music workshops within their townships. Giving children and young adults across the world a chance to be seen and heard. We also invite you to be part of our 'BE THE CHANGE' campaign. 

El Jones, founder and director of C&D where the music takes you, traveled to South Africa in Sept 2013 to support the children of Kliptown Youth Program in Johannesburg. She cycled from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town as a fundraiser with the Global Volunteers Network.

Future Plans


It's our aim to link in with The World Federation of Music Therapy which is an international non- profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting music therapy throughout the world as an art and science. The Federation supports the global development of educational programs, clinical practice, and research to demonstrate the contributions of music therapy to humanity.

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