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Each workshop involves a different style of music giving variety and choice to each individual. We create opportunities for children and young adults to express themselves, meet and socialise with others, and also learn new skills. Group meetings and one to one sessions are the two main methods.

Group music can include group discussions concerning moods and emotions in/to music, songwriting, and musical improvisation. Groups emphasising mood recognition and awareness, group cohesion, and improvement in self-esteem.



There are 3 set workshops

Movement and Listening

Using the body to create sounds and move to music.

Dance workshops include street dance and cultural.


Playing and Singing 

Learning how to playing instruments and singing.


Mixing and Creating

Local DJ’s showing how to use mixing equipment to create new beats and sounds. This workshop also includes a writing programme whereby you can write songs/poems/raps.

Our focus is on improving quality of life, building self-esteem and a sense of self-worth, gaining confidence and communicating.


With an aim to help improve Children and Young People's health across various domains, for example, cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional, affective development, behaviour and social skills.

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