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Our Friends


You can't do anything by yourself! And these are a few of the lovely people and companies that have helped us along the way.

Oli and Rach are the very awesome and unbelievably talented minds and producers of C&D Where the music takes you videos and graphic designs. We came to you with an idea and not only did you make it come true but you went above and beyond that point! It is rare to have such insight captured! We look forward to a future of more Knitting Jelly!

Steve has supported us from the get go. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping produce the charities song ‘Be the Change’. We would not be in the position we are today without your belief in what we do, for that we will be eternally grateful!

A huge acknowledgement to Alison and Bryan for your guidance and time helping to register us as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO).

Many thanks to Steve Cullen and all the team, you supported C&D Where the music takes you before it even existed. We recall you telling El.. ‘go for it, your passion alone will achieve it’.

Along our journey so far we have enjoyed co-working with you at many awareness and open days. We are looking forward to the upcoming Challenge in August which will be in partnership with you guys!

Steve Millington - Composer & Music Producer 


Steve it’s not every day you meet someone with such a generous  heart, thank you for allowing us to take over your studio and con you into singing on the track



Ella McKevitt - Singer 


Ella we are privileged to have your vocals on the ‘Be the Change’ track. Thank you so much for being awesome, we look forward to watching your career take off!

Dave I think it’s fair to say that you are one of the most respected people within our community! We are proud to be part of the annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) which is the world’s largest ‘non for profit’ voluntary led disability exhibition…our hats off to you.

Many thanks to Nuvvy and the team for supporting us, a true indication of how team work goes a long way! Rob we luck forward to working with you on your upcoming project ‘Immortal Dreams’! Keep up amazing work that you do.

The Warrington Guardian was the work place of Thomas Adrian David Jones, late father of Founder El Jones. We would like to thank you for your on going support. Little shout out to Dave and Chloe, thanks guys!


Lemons n All Challenge 

Snowdon Climb 

Supporting those in South Africa

The launch of C&D Where the music takes you 




We work in partnership with the River Reeves Foundation. Their ambition is to help young people realise their dreams as actors, writers, artists, directors and musicians through grants, donations and other payments. They aim to provide the financial support that ensures passionate, talented young men and women can dare to dream about their futures within the arts.

Visit their facebook page here

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